5 reasons why Times Square is overrated

When tourists come to visit NYC, the first location they heard towards is Times Square. But why is Times Square so damn popular? What’s so great about it? All Times Square is are giant billboards with flashing lights and chain restaurants up and down the streets with more than 2 hours waits each.


The people who dress up in the costumes of famous characters from Sesame Street or The Avengers, have a reputation of being aggressive to tourists or locals when they are not tipped. Then again, Times Square is world-famous and New York wouldn’t be what it is today without it.

1. Overpopulation

Every time I seem to head towards Times Square, the amount of people multiplies and it seems that you’re moving with a herd of people. It’s almost impossible to go against the crowd and being able to extend your arms out from your side is a challenge.


I breathe a sigh of relief the second the crowd starts to dissipate and I can move without bumping into 15 people along the way. I’m always afraid when carrying bags or a purse when walking through Times Square because there are so many people walking by that can just snatch right out of your hand. Say goodbye to all those gifts and souvenirs you just got your friends because your chances of finding the culprit are slim.

2. Restaurants on or near Times Square


Going to eat near Times Square is the biggest tourist trap, especially since food prices for regular menu items are more expensive than anywhere else. I’ve heard stories that people would wait for two or three hours to get a table at the Hard Rock Cafe or Applebee’s. Even the wait time for McDonald’s go up to an hour.

McDonalds_Times_SquareThese restaurants are well-known to tourists so this is probably the reason why they visit them before a local eatery nearby with exceptionally better food. It’s more like playing it safe than venturing out to try new places (which, in my opinion, is the whole point of visiting NYC).

3. Shopping through Times Square

I’m not going to lie on this one, but this is not as bad as it really is. I’ve been shopping in a few stores along Times Square, and the multiple floors make it seem like heaven, but the prices are always higher and the lines are too long.


Going into the giant Toys R Us with its three floors is every child’s dream and every parent’s worst nightmare. It even has a miniature ferris wheel in the middle of the store and has multiple registers for each floor.

4. Abundance of tourists 

About 75 percent of the population in Times Square are tourists. This makes for some very angry, pissed off and annoyed locals trying to get to work at any time of the day. I’ve walked into tourists who’ve stopped to take a picture of piles of garbage, no joke. I couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t believe it if it didn’t happen to me.


Everywhere you look are giant, filled to the brim backpacks filled, large maps big enough to cover the tourists entire body. I Love NY shirts are literally everywhere, and those Statue of Liberty visors can be seen for miles.

5. Noisy 

Between sirens, chatter of tourists and locals, honking horns of cars trying to turn onto a street with pedestrians jaywalking, there’s always loud noises everywhere you turn.


Let’s not forget the many celebrations in the heart of New York such as parades and the famous New Year’s Eve show where the ball drops right in Times Square.

Just imagine standing there with people surrounding you (wearing a diaper, probably because where are you going to the bathroom without losing your spot?!) and listening to the loud sounds of the city.

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